The In Between

January 10, 2011


Only four days Fill the in between Four days for me To feel Like I’ve gone nowhere I am still here Four days for you To build A new routine A new life Four days to start Four days to end Four days for me To stay Awake at night And think about the Four […]

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Boy Friend

January 7, 2011


I’ve always had friends that were boys. No boyfriends. Some friendships with these boys lasted a summer. Some lasted a year. Some lasted from kindergarten to college. None of them have been very memorable, though. I remember them, but not in a memorable way. Not like I remember my friends that are girls. Maybe this […]

Too Perfect

January 6, 2011


I wrote this a while ago for a friend. I wanted to write something so I asked her to give me a topic. After momentary consideration, she decided she wanted me to write about a first kiss, since she had just had hers. I had never written about a first kiss before so I thought […]

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Bottom Line: I Am Lame

January 4, 2011


In about two weeks, my dearest friend Woods, from college, will be flying to Michigan to visit me at my home. I want to say that I have all of these fun things for us to do because I have the most exciting life  in the world, but I don’t. I was going to take […]

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Love and [Considering] Other Drugs

January 2, 2011


For a lot of people, going to college is supposed to be a new start. You reshape yourself. Recycle what you love so it can be used again and toss out anything you don’t necessarily need. Gaining new friends who don’t know what you’re like gives you a chance to become something new, something fresh. […]

Dani Stone

December 17, 2010


I am the most popular girl in this school. Everyone in every grade knows my name. Not because I’m beautiful, I’m not. Not because I’m skinny, I’m not. Not because I’m perfect, I’m definitely not. I’m loud and I’m obnoxious. I like the sound of my own voice. They all believe that I don’t care […]

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My First Cigarette

December 14, 2010


Two months ago I experienced what is likely to be the most terrible week in my short eighteen years. On the way back to Notre Dame College from my home in Michigan, I got a phone call. The call woke me up and startled Kristen, who was driving. I answered my sister with an almost […]

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